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The Monaco Grand Prix (French: Monaco Grand Prix) is a Formula 1 car race that takes place every year on the Monaco circuit. Its starts from Thu 24 May to Sun 27 May 2018. Since 1929, it has been regarded as one of the most important and prestigious car races in the world, forming the Triple Crown of motorsport with the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The racetrack was called “an exceptional place of glamor and prestige”.

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The Monaco Grand Prix is the race of the year that every driver dreams of winning. Like the Indy 500 or Le Mans, it’s all alone, almost the sport of which he was born. In order to win in Monte Carlo, a combination of precise handling, technical skill, and sheer bravery is needed to underline the differences between the big and the good in Formula One.

Armco’s Baroque-lined circuit leaves no room for error and requires more concentration than any other Formula 1 circuit. Cars drive with maximum downforce and brakes are working hard.

Monte Carlo

The doormen curve is the key to good lap times in Monaco. In front of her is the Loews hairpin, the slowest corner in Formula 1, followed by the tunnel, one of the few flat sections of the track. Some big names have ended their races in the barriers here, especially Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. To win in Monaco, a driver’s name is added to a list that includes many of the greatest stars in the history.

Both Graham Hill, the man nicknamed “Mr. Monaco“, and Schumacher won five times, Alain Prost scored four wins, while Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart won three times each. But the balance of victories in the Principality lies with the Senna, who won six times in Monte Carlo.

The race has been an integral part of the World Cup since 1955, but the track has changed remarkably little during this time. Slight changes have been made to the 2003 event, in particular, a new, gentler entry into the Rascasse area, with even bigger changes in 2004, with a new pit complex and increased viewer capacity.

Monaco Preview:

The Silver Arrows have certainly taken their time to go. Vettel’s prancing horse took the first two races and then Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo won a chaotic Chinese Grand Prix. The pressure was strong on the team that has dominated F1 since the start of the hybrid-turbo era in 2014.

But Mercedes has intensified his last races, with Hamilton in the lead. The Briton followed a lucky victory in Azerbaijan with a comfortable and well-deserved triumph in Spain last season. They were at the top of the Barcelona weekend – and got their first double in 2018.

Their return to form makes this sixth round of the championship unpredictable. Vettel will be determined to return to first place in the standings – which Hamilton is leading now – and with some extremely tricky overtaking on this prestigious circuit, the battle for pole qualifying will be exciting.

Monaco Preview 2018

Red Bull will be there too. After a series of controversial incidents, Max Verstappen got his first podium of the season in Spain, and he will want to keep his nose clean again. Meanwhile, his teammate Ricciardo has been three times on the Monaco podium – and has seen a win in 2016 slip, so he will be pumped to succeed this time.

Add the fascinating fight for a fourth-place – a four-way competition currently headed by Renault – and the surprising form of Sauber late in the mix, and this confrontation has all the ingredients for another exciting race …

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