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The Rugby World Cup Sevens is the first stand-alone international rugby sevens competition outside the Olympic Games. The event is held every four years, with tournaments for the men’s and women’s national teams co-hosted at the same venues. It is organized by World Rugby, the governing body of sport.

The first tournament was held in Scotland in 1993, the birthplace of rugby sevens. Women’s tournament was inaugurated at the 2009 Rugby World Cup 2018 held in Dubai. In Rugby World Cup 7, Fiji and New Zealand have each won the tournament twice.  For the Women’s Rugby World Cup 7, Australia and New Zealand respectively won the first and second tournaments in 2009 and 2013. New Zealand is the current world champion for men and women winning both tournaments in 2013. The World Cup is, as other team sports, also significantly larger in terms of numbers of teams than the Olympic tournament. The first competition after the Olympic integration is expected to take place in 2018, which will involve an exceptional gap of five years compared to the 2013 competition.

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